Silica Bricks

silica bricks

Silica bricks are acid refractory materials with good resistant ability to acid slag. The SiO2 content of silica brick takes up 94%. The silica brick is made of tridymite, cristobalite, silica and glass phase, choosing natural silica as the main raw material, adding appropriate amount of mineralizer and pouring into some binding agent . Silica brick is made of original rock of silica. The larger amount of the SiO2 content of silica raw materials, the higher the refractoriness.

properties of Silica Bricks

  1. Good corrosion resistance of acid slag.
  2. RUL is 1620~1670℃
  3. Good stability under the high temperature.
  4. Poor thermal resistance performance.
  5. Good air tightness.
  6. True density 2.35g/cm³.
  7. Total volume expansion 1.5~2.2% at the temperature of 1450℃.

Chemical Composition of Silica Bricks

  • SiO2    93~98%
  • Al2O3   0.5~2.5%
  • Fe2O3   0.3~2.5%
  • CaO     0.2~2.7%
  • R2O     1~1.5%

Mineral Composition of Silica Bricks

  • Tridymite
  • Cristobalite
  • Natural silica
  • A small amount of residual quartz
  • A small amount of glass phase
  • Some mineralizer, like iron sale, lime milk.
  • Some binding agent, such as molasses and lignosulfite.
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