magnesia brick


Mahnesia Brick, basic materials offers very great high-temperature properties, along with good resistance to basic slags, making the material very useful as refractory for the steel, iron and cement industry. 

One of key applications for Magnesium Oxide (MgO) is as dead burned magnesia (DBM) in the Refractory industry. Its high melting point and resistance to hydration make it an ideal refractory material.

One of ways of production of Magnesium oxide or magnesia (MgO) is produced commercially by calcination of natural magnesite (MgCO3).

Magnesite refractories are chemically basic materials, containing ideally above 85 percent magnesium oxide (MgO). They are made from naturally occurring Magnesite (MgCO3). 

Magnesia Bricks or Magnesite Bricks are alkaline refractory materials used extensively for various applications in industries. The remain one of the most widely used basic refractory bricks. 

The properties of Magnesite Refractories depend on the concentration of silicate bond at the operating temperatures. Good quality magnesite usually results from  CaO-SiO2 Ratio of less than 2 with minimum ferrite concentration.Same is ideally important if furnaces lined with such refractory operate in oxidizing and reducing conditions. The slag resistance is very high particularly to Lime and Iron rich slags.

FURNACE METTALIKS offer range of Magnesia Brick (Magnesite Brick) with different specifications suiting the application specific requirements

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