Ceramic Fibre Cloth

ceramic fibre cloth

Ceramic fibre cloth is a woven fabric made from high quality heat-resistant alloy wire or ceramic fiber yarn reinforced with non-alkali glass yarn. Ceramic fiber cloth has high strength, good flexibility and high processability. Not only has it high temperature insulation performance, but also has the flexibility of ordinary textiles. Ceramic fiber cloth is white and odorless, suitable for high temperature applications up to 2300°F. Ceramic fiber cloth is made of ceramic fiber, with the addition of a certain proportion of organic fiber, then the fiberglass filament (steel wire) is woven into a yarn, and finally the ceramic fibre yarn is woven into the cloth. The amount of organic fiber determines the ablation rate, and the variety of organic fiber determines the flexibility of the cloth. While the thickness of the glass determines the strength of ceramic finer cloth, and the material of the wire determines the corrosion resistance of ceramic fiber cloth.

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