bio soluble blanket

bio soluble blanket

FURNACE METTALIKS offers Biosoluble Blanket) products which are a versatile alternative to traditional insulation solutions.Made from a special alkaline earth composition that have been uniquely engineered to offer advantages in high temperature insulation applications due to their low thermal conductivity, low biopersistence and low linear shrinkage up to their use limit.


Blanket made from high temperature insulation wool.


  • Raw material for the manufacture of finished products such as Boards, Shapes, Paper & Yarn
  • Expansion joints, Patching and emergency repair in furnaces, boilers, heaters etc
  • Loose insulating fill for crowns, walls of kilns and furnaces
  • Packing material for temporary of insulation
  • Precursor for engineered fibers


  • Excellent thermal insulating performances
  • Free of binder or lubricant
  • Thermal stability
  • Low heat storage
  • Flexible and resilient
  • Immune to thermal shock
  • No reaction with alumina based bricks in application in the range of the typical use temperature
  • Exonerated from any carcinogenic classification under nota Q of directive 97/69 EC
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