acidic ramming mass


Acidic ramming mass is the premixed ramming mass of the lining material. The refined high silicon, low iron quartz sand and quartz powder are selected and the fused quartz sand is added as the refractory material. The product has high refractoriness, with no slag, no crack, damp proof, convenience of repair, and the corrosion resistance, thus greatly improving the furnace service life span and the economic benefit. Acidic ramming mass can be widely used in continuous operation or intermittent operation of ductile iron, gray cast iron, carbon steel and low melting point alloy. The acid ramming mass is used to smelt a series of metal materials such as ordinary steel and carbon steel.

acidic ramming mass properties

  • Good erosion resistance.
  • Good chemical stability.
  • Good shock resistance.
  • Good abrasion resistance.
  • Good anti stripping property.
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